One Bar
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One Bar Restaurant
The Forge
Lea Road
S18 1SE
Tel: 01246 298111


The most recent addition to the Dronfield crawl, this is an attempt at a modern, trendy wine bar. The small space divided in to comfy seating areas. Clean and very minimilist. Reviews

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Stans Review

When it first opened only a couple of years ago, the novelty gave the bar popularity making it a busy leg of the central crawl. Recently it has lost popularity, and with no character or great attraction and a pitiful beer selection we're not surprised. On our last visit, after 9pm on a Friday evening, we were the only people there...

Review by John Plater 18/09/07
"Situated in the heart of Old Dronfield near to the Green Dragon and the Blue Stoops this modern and recently refurbished bar is well worth a visit. The week is ideal for those who prefer a quieter drink but at weekends Friday and Saturday nights are lively and noisy until closing at 2.00am. A small dance floor is engraced with a central pole for anyone brave enough to try their hand at this skill. An ideal place to end a pub crawl. Pole dancing classes can be taken in the Forge. Thursday night is a curry night prepared and cooked by the owner of the bar. Various entertainments are sometimes held on Tuesday evenings, recently a drag act. The fruit machines pay well for the skilled gambler (I witnessed a punter win £40 and £96). A large LCD TV screen stands in the center of the bar. Cocktails are served. The center of the bar has clear remnants from the old foundry in the form of a red brick pillar. This is a listed building which adds character and atmosphere. The bar staff are very friendly.
Functions can be held between One Bar and One Café in the Forge because they are connected. They are often hired for Weddings and Birthday parties. The bar has an upstairs function room that can be hired privately.
The bar is open seven days a week."
Stans Reply
Not so much a review as an advert! Thanks anyway John....

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