Green Dragon
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Green Dragon
Church Street
S18 1QB
Tel: 01246 415450
One of the oldest buildings in Dronfield, part of which dates back to the thirteenth century. Most of the pub, however, was built in the early seventeenth century. Inside, the two rooms are served by a split level bar. This is a very popular pub on the central weekend crawl and not one you're likely to find empty. Reviews

What's on Tap?
Hand Pulled:
Draught Bitter:

Top Shelf:



Stones, Tetley
Carling, Carling Premier, Budweiser, Stella Artois
Guinness & Guiness Extra Cold
Wine List

Standard selection, 35mL measures

Bar food served

Quiz on Monday & Thursday nights from 9.30
Tuesday discount night (Roll a dice to find out your discount)
Wednesday is ladies night (50% off wine and soft drinks)
2 fruit machines


Stans Review
One of the most popular pubs in Dronfield and an integral part of the central crawl, the Dragon is always packed on a weekend and is usually busy throughout the week. Its long history gives the pub a lot of character and warmth (not necessarily a good thing in summer, causing the car park to be a popular place to drink in hotter months). It's also nice to see a pub in the area that still has a dartboard. The Green Dragon is the place to come for a lively atmosphere, however, better beer can be found elsewhere in Dronfield.

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