About Stan
So Who Is Stan?

Stan is the product of the overactive, drink-fuelled imaginations of two alcoholics called Steve and Andy. Here's a brief run down on how they came to be here…


It is believed that Steve is the horrific result of a distillery explosion on a site close to Chernobyl. He is wanted across Eastern Europe for crimes he cannot remember committing.

Steve's alcohol dependency however, has not stopped him getting married. Indeed, he currently lives in a bed-sit in Dronfield with 7 of his 12 wives and a goat called Seth.


Nobody knows who Andy's real parents were. He was brought up on the streets of Soho by a bag lady called Vera who provided him with a cardboard box to live in and all the meths he could drink.

This probably explains why details of his life are sketchy at best, suffice to say he now lives in a garden shed in Dronfield with a beaver called Dave and a ferret known as Nigel.

And so, armed only with a wallet full of cash, a raging thirst and a stomach pump, our intrepid drinkers set about their mission...