The Hallowes
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The Hallowes
135 Cemetery Road
S18 1XX
Tel: 01246 414513

Re-invented from the Masons Arms in 2003 as a modern bar rather than pub, it has begun to lose some of its harsher qualitys and returned to a happier medium between pub and bar. A light and contempory feel, it is spacious and but well divided. Review

What's on Tap?
Hand Pulled:
Draught Bitter:

Top Shelf:



Stones, Worthington
Carling, Fosters, Kronenbourg 1664 Cold, Stella Artois
Strongbow Cold
Wine List

Standard selection, 35mL measures

Food served:
Monday - Friday: 12.00noon - 2.30pm
Saturday - Sunday: 12.00noon - 5.00pm

Quiz Night Sunday from 9pm plus play your cards right
Sky Sports on big screen TV
Open Mic night every Tuesday
Fruit machine
Games machine


Stans Review
Although in many ways an improvement on the Masons which had lost life towards the end, The Hallowes lacks soul and direction; sometimes trying to be a wine bar, sometimes a locals pub, sometimes a destination eatery. It fails to achieve any with distinction. The phrase jack of all trades, master of non springs to mind. You`ll find better examples of all elsewhere in the area, especially if you are looking for a good pint, and the soft drink prices don't encourage responsible drivers.

Review by Dean Hoppy 24/10/07
"I've got to say I love the Hallowes, the food there is excellent and the fact that it changes from night to night makes it a more interesting place for me to go, you never know what your going to get at the Hallowes, Open mike, DJ, etc, plus the staff are very friendly and very attractive (which always helps). If you see a guy at the bar with a bag of quivers and a pint of
Adanams (pulled) come say a big hello. Long live the Hallowes!!!"
Stans Reply
Cheers Dean. We'll look out for you next time we're in!..

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